The economy, inflation, and lingering effects of the pandemic has led many businesses to turn to layoffs as a survival method. Consumer Investigator Caresse Jackman shares expert advice from Alloy Wealth Management and the BBB on steps you can take if you find yourself out of a job.

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Across the country trains are stopping for days, cutting off communities. Children climb between train cars to get to school. First responders can’t reach those in need of help. We speak to lawmakers and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, pushing for action.


Decisions about your medical care should be between you and your doctor. But many argue insurance companies are getting in the way, denying tests before they’re even performed. Lee Zurik investigates how prior-authroization is delaying diagnoses and critical care.


An off-duty, hired officer misusing police powers, dragging innocent people from their home without a warrant. Plus, a vulnerability at TSA checkpoints could mean more shootings at airports. Brendan Keefe reports.

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Some electric vehicles spontaneously bursting into flame. Joce Sterman learns tens of thousands of cars are already under recall, and repairs can take over a year. Plus, a rise in cars driving after dark with no taillights. They’re practically invisible, causing deadly crashes. Brendan Keefe explains


University hazing ending in 9-1-1 calls and death. InvestigateTV’s Joce Sterman dug through records at some of the nation’s biggest schools. She found many organizations tied to hazing barely get a slap on the wrist. She also spoke to a victim’s family fighting to overhaul the pledging system.