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SERIES: The Case Against Clay Waller

A mother of triplets goes missing in a Midwest town; her estranged husband becomes the suspect. Follow the mysterious true crime story with the reporter who covered the entire story for years.

Episode 2: Praying for Answers – On June 1, 2011, a mother of 5-year-old triplets goes missing. Concerns mount for missing Jacque Waller as the community organizes vigils and searches.

Episode 3: New Clues – New clues are discovered and volunteer searches continue.

Episode 4: The Interview – Clay Waller finally speaks out about his missing, estranged wife.

Episode 5: The Arrest – Clay Waller is arrested in Dunklin County, Missouri in July 2011.

Episode 6: Murder Charges – In April 2012, murder charges were filed against Clay Waller.

Episode 7: One Year Later

Episode 8: Body Found – On May 30, 2013, news breaks – Jacque Waller’s body has been found.

Episode 9: The Plea Deal – In June 2013, Clay Waller admits his guilt.

Episode 10: Devil’s Island – The conclusion to “The Case Against Clay Waller.”

Reported by: Crystal Britt, KFVS