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Pele’s Path: The People of Puna

This digital documentary series on the Kilauea eruption, "Pele's Path: The People of Puna," offers a first-hand look at how those who have been impacted by the lava flow are persevering through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Pele’s Path: People of Puna, Part 2

Pele’s Path: Eyewitness to History 

Covering a disaster like the eruptions on the Big Island takes a toll. And no one knows that better than the team of HNN reporters who helped cover this remarkable story — of devastation and creation.

This digital documentary, “Pele’s Path: Eyewitness to History,” offers a look at what it was like to cover ongoing eruptions that upended lives and left whole swaths of lower Puna unrecognizable.

For continuing updates on the eruptions, visit KHNL’s site dedicated to their ongoing coverage.