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More and more electric vehicles are hitting the road, but the critical charging stations they need to keep moving aren’t available everywhere. Plus, federal law enforcement warns car rental smuggling cases are on the rise.

Children forced to crawl under and over trains. Emergency responders stalled at railroad crossings during life threatening situations. Stopped trains splitting communities apart. “Railroaded” - a joint InvestigateTV and ProPublica investigation - exposed America to chilling footage showing young students forced to make an unthinkable choice: be late to school or crawl under freight trains that block their pathway.

Sextortion, a form of sexual assault, is on the rise, impacting youth across the nation. Scammers, often posing as peers, coerce victims to share explicit images and threaten to make them public unless given something, like money or gifts. The problem is challenging to prosecute due to involvement from international criminals, and various agencies' reported cases differ significantly, highlighting the need for uniform protective laws and resources. Caresse Jackman takes an in-depth look into this emerging cybercrime.