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Blood Will Tell: Joe Bryan talks about being convicted with incorrect expert testimony

In a moving interview, Bryan, who has spent 31 years in a Texas prison for the 1985 murder of his wife, talks about his life behind bars and trying keep hope alive.

This interview is part of a series from InvestigateTV partner ProPublica. To learn more about bloodstain pattern analysis, visit the links to the stories below.

Blood Will Tell Part One: The murder of Mickey Bryan, a quiet fourth-grade teacher, stunned her small Texas town. Then her husband, a beloved high school principal, was charged with killing her. Did he do it, or had there been a terrible mistake? Read the full story here.

Blood Will Tell Part Two: Joe Bryan has spent the past three decades in prison for the murder of his wife, a crime he claims he didn’t commit. His conviction rested largely on “bloodstain-pattern analysis” — a technique still in use throughout the criminal-justice system, despite concerns about its reliability. Read the full story here.

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