Some students consider state abortion laws when selecting future college

(InvestigateTV) — Choosing a college is a big and often stressful decision for both young adults and their parents.

In the last decade, overall college enrollment has dropped.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 68% of high school graduates enrolled in college right away in 2010, compared to 62% in 2021.

College enrollment rates also differ by gender. In 2021, 70% of female students enrolled right away, compared to 55% of male students.

Some college-bound students we spoke with say they are rethinking where they’ll apply because of a 2022 landmark decision by the US Supreme Court.

Reporter Heather Graf has new insight into the potential impact on families, schools, and even healthcare options on campus. Watch the full story in the video at the top of this page.

Heather Graf

Heather Graf

Heather Graf is an award-winning journalist for InvestigateTV+, working as a national reporter based in Washington, D.C.