FTC: Nearly 400,000 imposter scams reported in first half of 2023

Imposter scams were the most reported type of fraud in 2022

(InvestigateTV) — Xfinity has issued multiple security alerts about scammers posing as the company and requesting immediate payments via unconventional methods.

Josh Planos with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) said this type of fraud, known as an “impersonation scam,” is a common and effective tactic used by scammers.

Con artists will often use robo-calls to leave voicemail messages offering promotional credits or discounts, Planos explained.

“This one in particular is very convincing because it’s not asking you to pay, you know, everything you have in cryptocurrency right? It’s not asking you for a strict form of payment. It’s merely asking you to pick up the phone and make a phone call,” Planos said.

Once someone returns the call, Planos said the scammer will ask for a quick payment.

Xfinity is not the only company leveraged by scammers. In the first half of 2023, the Federal Trade Commission has received nearly 400,000 reports of scammers impersonating many businesses and even federal agencies.

The BBB has several red flags to alert consumers to potential hijinks:

Voicemail threatening to cancel discount programs

Requests asking for a specific type of non-traditional payment such as pre-paid credit cards or wire transfers

Callers ask for immediate and urgent action

The BBB urges those receiving these calls and messages to stay calm and independently verify the claim.

They also have further tips on how to protect yourself against imposter scams.

Caresse Jackman

Caresse Jackman

Caresse Jackman is a national consumer investigative reporter with a focus on exposing scams and digging into consumer concerns.