InvestigateTV - Season 2; Episode 5

InvestigateTV - This Week on InvestigateTV: We cover the nation’s patchwork of special education requirements, the challenges families face qualifying for these programs and reveal states are getting short changed on federal special education funding. Next, as homeschooling numbers remain high post-pandemic, we uncover parents teaching their kids at home with the help of taxpayer money. Plus, scammers find a new way to catch you with your guard down, as con artists now target teachers during the school day. WHERE TO WATCH ICYMI – Watch last week’s episode

Unequal Education: Children with certain disabilities are supposed to be guaranteed access to special education services thanks to federal law. But actually getting those services depends on where they live because each state has different eligibility criteria, with each one dictating its own process for identifying children for services and how they’re evaluated. We compared disability policies from across the country and examined the processes parents must go through to get services. Reporter Joce Sterman speaks with a family that’s battled the system in four states to get access.  Jon Decker, covering the DC angle to this story. He discusses the underfunding by the federal government for the states to provide special education accommodations and speaks with a lawmaker looking to change that.

Buy the Book: The pandemic has led many parents to question what method of schooling is right for their family, with 2020 and 2021 seeing the popularity of homeschooling grow. At the same time, a company that offers to be the bridge between public schools and homeschooling by offering curriculum, virtual classes and other services has grown as well. But critics say companies might be preying on small school districts to profit off public dollars – and that taxpayer dollars are going straight to parents to buy things other public school families can’t get money for - from karate lessons to Netflix subscriptions to Christmas gifts.  We talk to advocates for both homeschooling and public education who have equity concerns about the program, calling into question the financial model and whether students are getting a good education. Plus – we talk to a small district that’s had its enrollment grow by hundreds using the model about why they say the program is working well.

Scammers Targeting Teachers: Scammers find a new way to catch you with your guard down, as con artists now target teachers at school and use their co-workers to reach them.