Experts say having a will critical to your family’s future

Only 33% of Americans have an estate plan according to a recent survey from

InvestigateTV - Having a will is one an overlooked step of life, according to a recent survey from Only 33% of Americans have an estate plan, even though experts said having a will is crucial to successful financial planning.

Patrick Hicks is the head of legal with Trust & Will, an online service that allows you to create estate plans, wills and or trust. Hicks said in the absence of a will family members could be confused or at odds over your estate.

In most states, you can have a will as young as 18 years old. Hicks explained that once you have a will it should be updated it regularly. Changes such as getting married, having a family, or other big life events could alter your plan.

Hicks also pointed out that making a will does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Online sites make it a little bit faster and cheaper, and you can create the estate plans on your own timeframe at sites like Trust and Will or LegalZoom.

Rachel DePompa

Rachel DePompa

Rachel DePompa is Director of Investigations and a mid-day anchor for NBC12.