InvestigateTV - Season 2; Episode 2

InvestigateTV - Natural gas leaks have caused over 300 explosions since 2010. InvestigateTV covers what gas companies do and don’t have to report to the government. Next, an underground water leak is wasting millions of gallons of water every month, and we examine why the problem lingers. Plus, as utility bills continue to rise, we bring you tips on how to cut costs.


Silent Threat: Since 2010, government records show there have been more than 2,500 major gas leaks across the United States. Those leaks have caused hundreds of explosions. Many are the result of aging utility infrastructure that continues to pose a threat nationwide. Hundreds of people have been injured or killed. Investigative reporter Joce Sterman digs into the cases and the transparency issues that mean the public often doesn’t immediately know about leaks in their neighborhoods. Plus - she speaks with a man who survived an explosion, a concerned citizen who’s discovered leaks on her own and the natural gas industry about the frequency of these incidents.

Hawaiian Airfield Water Leaks: –As Hawaii grapples with an ongoing water crisis, a broken waterline at Dillingham Airfield is leaking millions of gallons every month. State leaders say problems with the system date back nearly two decades.

Watching Your Wallet - Utility Bill Savings: In a recent energy industry survey, 85 % of homeowners say they’ve noticed significant price increases on at least one utility bill. In this Watching Your Wallet, Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa looks into rising utility costs, plus gets expert advice on ways to cut back on energy costs.