InvestigateTV - Season 2; Episode 1

InvestigateTV - InvestigateTV looks at DNA backlogs in crime labs and how they are hindering murder investigations. They also cover nationwide police shortages and their impact on police response times. Plus, hear how coroners are using CT scans to identify causes of death.

Vial Mistake: InvestigateTV uncovers a lack of oversight in DNA paternity testing as labs are not regulated by the FDA and they are largely left to their own devices. When incorrect tests wreak havoc on families, critics say there is little accountability.

DNA Delays: Crime labs across the country are drowning in unprocessed DNA samples. InvestigateTV looks at how the crisis is impacting New Orleans, a city that led the nation in murders per capita for the first half of 2022. As detectives scramble to solve cases - new and old - they are often left without the evidence to solve them.

Warrant Backlog: In St. Louis, another logjam is keeping suspects and criminals on the street. Thousands of active warrants remain unserved as families wait for justice.

Police Staffing Shortages: Across the country, police departments struggle with recruitment and retention. Earlier this year, the Chicago police department was over 1,000 officers short of its staffing target, and in fiscal year 2022 San Diego police saw a 52% spike in officers leaving the department. So, what does that mean for your community and its safety? We investigate the problem in Phoenix.

Coroner Shortage: Forensic pathologists investigate violent, sudden deaths and they are often key witnesses in the courtroom. The U.S. has about 500 full-time, board-certified forensic pathologists, but according to the National Association of Medical Examiners, we need more than twice that number. Ohio’s stark county hasn’t had a forensic pathologist for nearly two years, but now it’s turning to tech for a solution.