Post Episode 31: Journalists give resources for digging into student loans and keeping an eye on scammers

Crooks are capitalizing on recent repayment freeze and loan forgiveness to trick borrowers

InvestigateTV – In this month’s episode of POST, we discuss stories about rising student loan debt across America, how student loan borrowers could be falling victim to scams and what government leaders plan to do to address these concerns.

Rachel DePompa, an InvestigateTV national consumer reporter and Director of Investigations at WWBT in Richmond, Virginia and Adam Rhodes, a training director for IRE, joined the show to discuss the student loan crisis and how consumers can stay on top of the ever-changing information.

Many student loan borrowers have been awaiting loan forgiveness, especially those who are still paying off their loans well into their 60′s. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Americans 62 years of age or older are the group with the highest average loan debt amount.

“I have yet to meet a person who says my one student loan covered the cost of college. There’s a gap in the funding here. People are scrambling to fill it in many different ways from work study to getting as many scholarships they can, any grants if they’re eligible. The gap in funding shocks people, shocks parents,” DePompa said.

With the pause on student loans extended again, DePompa said scammers have been taking advantage as borrowers look ahead to when they may have to restart payments.

“They’re already sending out emails to people saying, ‘hey, we want to reconnect. We’re your loan servicer. Can you fill out this information so we make sure it’s correct?’ But it’s not your loan servicer. So you have to be really careful if you have your loans on pause right now,” DePompa said.

One thing to watch out for is scammers will often put fake phone numbers online or spoof real numbers.

“The best course of action here is to reach out yourself. Never really accept random phone calls, random emails, random texts about this topic. You need to find the person on your paperwork and reach out yourself and login because that’s the best way to make sure you don’t get scammed,” DePompa said.

When it comes to researching college programs and student loans, Rhodes gave a number of resources for parents and students (current or prospective) to use.

One, the Education Data Initiative, gives a number of different data points useful for journalists, citizens and college students and parents.

“It’s quality government data and it has everything from tuition prices to the current student loan debt clock, so it has a lot of really good qualitative data in there,” Rhodes said.

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